Nu Gnosis Magazine V1 N1

Nu Gnosis Magazine Vol 1 No. 1

This is the part of the blog where we plug our own material!  Yes... we have no shame, but this magazine (actually its really a quarterly periodical) contains samples of current word from other people within the Thelemic community, mostly whom are A.'. A.'. members.  

This magazine is issued every equinox and this first issue made it's premier on September 20th 2015.  Every issue so far contains a smattering of social criticism, philosophy, reflections on various occult topics from yoga to qabala, and experiments either astral and magickal, or those based on creative work.  

In addtion to this we also throw in some poetry and when possible visual arts.  Its a fun way to keep up with the development of Thelemic thought in the gnostic community and this magazine has been proving to be a fun and interesting way to bring our disparate community closer together.  

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The cost is $15