The Big Bang, Qabalah, and Quantum Physics

This is an interesting and insightful video put together by Phil Harris.  It not only gives some basic teachings on the qabalah and physics, but he presents some thought provoking comparisons and provides good food for thought for the modern occultist.

There hasn't been much work done on this topic since the works of Fritjof Capra's work called:        The Tao of Physics, a must read for all advanced and serious occultists.

Since then there has been a more recent book published about the Book of the Law and modern physics and modern science in general.  I bought this book last year and it is quite a gem. It is called Scientific Illuminism.  Its just under 400 pages long and covers about everything in physics and biology relating it to NOX, the Night of Pan, Levi's Aethyr, to the LVX and the magick lamp. This is another must read especially for Thelemites.