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Second thing: I'm reviving this blog by starting a new tradition.  Every equinox/solstice I will give a sneak peek of one of our featured articles in Nu Gnosis.  This issue of Volume 3 Number 1 we have many excellent essays and some magickal records to boot; but to wet your pallet a bit I will share Paul Rovelli's thought provoking article titled: 'An Exegesis of Babalon and The Beast'  in this article he skillfully researchers and analyses references to Babalon and the Beast as they occur in the Old and New Testament, and then compares and contrasts these references with Crowley's Visions in Liber 418.  The research and insight are though provoking and will definitely aid in ones understanding and meditation on these important deities in our magickal system.  

So here is a short teaser of the article if you will.  The rest of it of course is available through our latest issue which you can purchase here:  Nu Gnosis V3 N1  

An Exegesis of Babalon& the Beast

Noting that the Jews have the half and that the Hebrew Qabalah is of integral importance to Thelemic Doctrine, I have often written in my qablistic thoughts, finding equivalence in the number 13, as a ThRShRQ of 31.  And this is certainly valuable in its own rite.  But there seems also a way to show 13 as the Jewish half with 31 (Key to Liber AL), as the Thelemic half.  In the Hebrew qabalistic text, the Book of the Concealed Mystery, the beard of the Macroprosopus is divided into 13 sections.  Kether, as the head of Macroprosopus is given seven conformations from which the beard hangs.  The whiteness of the beard is said to be the radiance of the Divine; reaching into the lower emanations and covering the body of the Ruach: 7+6=13, which by AIQ BKR, reduces to 4 (the Tetragrammaton: IHVH).

We find a source for this in Daniel 7:9 of the Old Testament with his description of the Divine:

"As I looked, thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat.  His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of his head was white like wool.  His throne was flaming with fire, and its wheels were all ablaze."

We also find intimations of this in Crowley’s vision of the 9thAethyr:

“Now then we are passed within the lines of the army, and we are come unto a palace of which every stone is a separate jewel, and is set with millions of moons. And this palace is nothing but the body of a woman, proud and delicate, and beyond imagination fair. She is like a child of twelve years old. She has very deep eye-lids, and long lashes. Her eyes are closed, or nearly closed. It is impossible to say anything about her. She is naked; her whole body is covered with fine gold hairs, that are the electric flames that are the spears of mighty and terrible Angels who breast-plates are the scales of her skin. And the hair of her head, that flows down to her feet, is the very light of God himself.”

The seven conformations from which the beard of Macroprosopus hangs are:
1st Conformation: The head is prepared in the likeness of a cranium.
2nd Conformation: The cranium is filled with a crystalline dew.
                This is the radiant L.V.X. that we call RHK.
3rd Conformation: The aethyr is formed--skin, clear and congealed.
4th Conformation: The hair (covers the ears; that aren't mentioned in the text).
5th Conformation: The forehead.
6th Conformation: The eye (one non-closing eye; akin to the eye atop the pyramid).
7th Conformation: The nostrils--that breath the breath of the Divine into Malkuth;
                giving life/consciousness to matter.

The Microprosopus comprises the Sefirot of the Ruach that represent the body of the Macroprosopus; Geburah is the left arm, Chesed is the right arm, Tiphareth is the body or torso, Netzach is the right leg, Hod is the left leg and Yesod is the genitals.  But in terms of the Macroprosopus, these Sefirot are but a reflection in the Ruach (part of the Microprosopus) and in the supernal world are pure Sefirot; all being contained therein.

If we take these six Sefirot and their reflection, as twelve[1] and add Kether, then we get 13.  And in like fashion, if we work with the Microprosopus and take these six, as twelve and add Malkuth, we also get 13.  So that this number has a recursive quality of which its secret nature can be said to be the 4 of the Tetragrammaton.  This is important in that though the Jews apparently attribute the Divine to the male gender, in actuality, IT is a biune god.  As well, the 13th word in Genesis is HMIM; “of the waters,” which suggests the attribution of 13 to the Daughter.

The first two letters, IH (Yod, Heh) are the male and female; Father and Mother.  If we add their values, 10+5, we get 15, which reduces to 6; V (Vau) the Son (Tiphareth at the center of the Ruach and the body of the biune God) and third letter of the Tetragrammaton.  The supernal Vau is said to be Da'ath (Knowledge) and the inferior Vau is said to be the Heh-final of Tetragrammaton; the Bride. So that even the Son is said to have this dual or biune nature; Vau illuminating the Daughter (Bride), as Yod illuminates the Mother.  And the Vau, as Da'ath shows us why it is from Tiphareth, we proceed to the Abyss; demonstrated by the bow (the Veil of Qesheth) & arrow (Sagittarius, as the path that leads to Tiphareth and has Tiphareth as its point) on the Tree-of-Life.

Yod illuminating the Mother in the Tetragrammaton explains the covenant with the Daughter or Bride of Microprosopus (Malkuth, the Kingdom).  This illuminates her, as it passes into the woman (her womb) and she becomes hidden; the Tetragrammaton now being expressed as IHVI and the I-final no longer then, signifies the Bride, as IT ascends to the Supernals, which we can then surmise creates the need for the descent of the Shekinah or Holy Spirit.  This leaves us with IHV, as we discussed, above.  And put on a square, this Tetragrammaton becomes expressed as: IHVI, IHV, IH & I.
Crowley gives a vision of this in the 9th Aethyr:

The Seer is lost in wonder, which is peace. And the ring of the horizon above her is a company of glorious Archangels with joined hands, that stand and sing: This is the daughter of BABALON the Beautiful, that she hath borne unto the Father of All. And unto all hath she borne her. This is the Daughter of the King. This is the Virgin of Eternity. This is she that the Holy One hath wrested from the Giant Time, and the prize of them that have overcome Space. This is she that is set upon the Throne of Understanding [Binah]. Holy, Holy, Holy is her name, not to be spoken among men. For Kor they have called her, and Malkuth, and Betulah, and Persephone. And the poets have feigned songs about her, and the prophets have spoken vain things, and the young men have dreamed vain dreams; but this is she, that immaculate, the name of whose name may not be spoken. Thought cannot pierce the glory that defendeth her, for thought is smitten dead before her presence. Memory is blank, and in the most ancient books of Magick are neither words to conjure her, nor adorations to praise her. Will bends like a reed in the temptests that sweep the borders of her kingdom, and imagination cannot figure so much as one petal of the lilies whereon she standeth in the lake of crystal, in the sea of glass. This is she that hath bedecked her hair with seven stars, the seven breaths of God that move and thrill its excellence. And she hath tired her hair with seven combs, whereupon are written the seven secret names of God that are not known even of the Angels, or of the Archangels, or of the Leader of the armies of the Lord.

So that leaves us to discuss IH with their values multiplied; instead of added.  This gives us a value of 50; representing the 50 Gates of Understanding (Binah, the Mother).  But also, 50 is the value of Nun and the Death Atu, of which it is said of the IH in the Book of the Concealed Mystery, "...if closely bound together then out of the dead, the pentad originates."  IHVHI then shows more clearly how the Bride becomes hidden, as the I surrounds the letters.  And it shows how these 50 Gates are of Understanding; the Father (I) combined with the Mother (H) in Binah, and that these two are combined, Understanding becomes imbued with Supernal Wisdom.  But in the Tetragrammaton itself, the Daughter (Heh-final) is left unprotected; not being shut up by any succeeding letter.  In this way, it is said that Wisdom is opened out into her gates, as the Daughter and the Mother are both reflections of each other; both being H.An excerpt from the 27thAethyrehoes this:

And she cries: Lonely am I and cold in the wilderness of the
stars. For I am the queen of all them that dwell in Heaven, and the
queen of all them that are pure upon earth, and the queen of all the
sorcerers of hell.
I am the daughter of Nuit, the lady of the stars. And I am the Bride
of them that are vowed unto loneliness. And I am the mother of the
Dog Cerberus. One person am I, and three gods.
And thou who hast blasphemed me shalt suffer knowing me. For I am cold
as thou art cold, and burn with thy fire. Oh, when shall the war
of the Aires and the elements be accomplished?

Liber AL velLegisalso takes hold of this in these verses: 

AL:I.24 "I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty."
AL:I.25 "Divide, add, multiply, and understand."

The 6, as we've shown above, is also the Bride (Heh-final) and the 50 is the Mother (Understanding/Binah).  In this, we get a whole new set of mathematics.  Six times fifty gives us 300, the number of Shin and the trinity of spirit; even IHV (the three flames shown on this letter), as shown above.  And six plus fifty gives us NV (Nu, the essence of Nuit or the firmament).  However, the division remains somewhat of a riddle, as we don't end up with a whole number.  0.12 however, can be said to show that from the Ain Soph (0) the L.V.X. or Aur is placed into Kether (1), which then transmits to both (2) of the other Supernals.  And so it is the Hebrew Qabalah that opens up for us, the Thelemic Qabalah.

To read the full article which includes graphics and indepth analysis from the old and new testament access our magazine Nu Gnosis V3 N1.