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Our 'magazine' which is actually a periodical is available every equinox.  So far we have published nine issues over the past two years until now.  Each issue is unique and has several contributing authors; yet each issue is standardized, meaning every issue has a section for art and poetry, an editorial, gnostic reflections, and exploration of texts or magickal practices.  

When you buy a copy you are sure to find something of interest and you will be supporting the Gnostic Church of LVX, the first legally constituted Thelemic Church in North America.  This church is the real deal, it has land and is actually located in a refurbished Church.  Paul Rovelli does weekly and monthly masses online and on site.  We hold community events such as concerts, as well as workshops.  

This 'magazine' is meant to bring the Thelemic and Gnostic community together, both by giving people with something to say a public voice and providing a way to see what different people are up to.  All donations go to support the costs of keeping the Church of LVX alive and everyone is welcome to give us a visit in Hoosick Falls!

You can view and order all issues on this page, just scroll down read the description and click to buy it on amazon.  Thank you kindly for your time and support.

New- By R.H. Orshalev

Volume 3 No 3-- June 21st 2018

Volume 3 No 2-- March 20th 2018

Volume 3 No 1-- December 21st 2017

Volume 2 No 4-- September 21st 2017

Volume 2 No 3-- June 20th 2017

Volume 2 No 2-- March 20th 2017

Volume 2 No 1-- December 20th 2016

Volume 1 No 4-- September 20th 2016

Volume 1 No 3-- June 20th 2016

Volume 1 No 2-- March 20th 2016

Volume 1 No 1-- December 20th 2015